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Why do we do what we do? And why should you care?

Because, we genuinely believe that 'Gratitude' can unite the divided humanity back into one family.

Because, 'Gratitude' is the quickest way to experience how truly blessed we are.

Because, 'Gratitude' is one of the highest frequency that we can be in.

Because, ...

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Let's Save Lives!

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 800 thousand people commit suicide annually and about 300 million people are depressed globally. If we could create a company that intensively focuses on creating the programs and techniques to generate, inspire and facilitate the state of gratitude ...

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World Suicide Prevention Day! Sep/10/2022

This might sound like a far-fetched goal to achieve but it’s possible by making people more grateful and appreciative because, there are several Science-Backed Benefits of being in the state of Gratitude. And by the way, we can train ourselves to be happy in just 21 days and grateful individuals don't take their ...

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*Grateful* to be a part of this gratitude experience - the questions are thought provoking and one grateful thought causes a chain reaction that has me ...Read more

Jul 25, 2022
Katy McAllister

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