Although the Everest and the Gratitude might seem unrelated, however, it is imperative to make this connection between the highest altitude and the highest attitude to motivate and lure people to practice gratitude daily, says, Chief Gratitude Officer (CGO) of the company, in this alarming context; 'every forty second, somebody takes their life in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO). That's about 800,000 people a year!'

'Various research prove that grateful individuals are not suicidal', he expressed today via a press release of this announcement. 'It's worth doing, even if we can prevent one suicide by guiding people to firm the habit of being grateful daily', he added.

We successfully celebrated the World Gratitude Day at the Mount Everest on 9/21/2022. Kevin Ford, the viral Burger King employee, who never missed a day at his work for 27 years, was with us.  

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